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NSBCC Nova Scotia Bass Clubs Challenge

Brought to you by our 2009 tournament sponsors. The purpose of the NSBCC is to bring together the best of the best in friendly competition for a one day Top Gun shoot-out.

We wish to acknowledge and promote our tournament sponsors this year, without them we could not pull this off nor enjoyed the level of success.

Our title level sponsors were:

Marktech Electronics Ltd.


T. Nauss Contractors

The 2009 NSBCC was held on Panuke Lake, Hants County. 

Up first, the teams who qualified or attended to be a part of this event through their respective clubs, in no particular order.

Team Member # 1

Team Member # 2

Club Represented

Matt Dodge

Josh Reeves


Ken Roberts

Kyle Roberts


David Devenney

Steve Watson


Pierre Nantel

Donnie MacLeod


Collins Sawler

Johnathan Sawler


Gary Josey

Wayne Josey


Colin Fowler Johnathan Freeman AVBC

Scott West

Greg Bezanson


Kevin Scott

Trevor Staratt


Jeff Parker

Paul Lake


Mike LaPierre

Gerry LaPierre


Mike Hunt

Jason Hunt


Philip Atwell

Allan Russell


Ryan Carey

George Carey


Howard Martell

Pierre Dussault


John Mitchell

Dennis Ferrand


Ben Marston Tony Smith BBB
Randall Leard Peter Bennett BBB
Joey Feener Jody Stokes SSBM
Jimmy Graham Adam Hallett SSBM
Mark Weare Millage Weare SSBM
Tremayne Nauss Jerome Croft SSBM
Kevin Corkum Bill Corkum SSBM
Cody Lohnes Rob Weagle SSBM
Darren Hatt Vincent Connolly SSBM
Kevin Veinotte Tyler Veinotte SSBM
Rex Weare Jamie Weagle SSBM
Robert Mailman Peter Lavender SSBM
Rod Goodwin Ian Ross LSBC
Reg Kendrick Angela Kendrick LSBC

Scott Nickerson

Chester Richard


What is up for grabs?

The main reason teams attend is to lay claim to the crown of NSBCC Top Gun Champions, to receive this honor by competing with their counterparts from other various trails in Nova Scotia and winning the tournament. Additionally another exciting category exists, club of the year. This award was designed to further grow the team work needed from various clubs and is awarded annually to the clubs roster that brings in the highest combined weight total.

Additionally there are cash prizes available to the top five teams and trophies are available down to 10th place. The winning team also wins a pair of custom embroidered jackets from the NSBCC and both the winning team and the winning club receive custom built hardwood annual award plaques identifying them as the 2008 winners.

The tournament.

NSBCC Results and pictures for Oct 4th, 2009 Panuke Lake

NSBCC 2009 Top Gun Champions. Ryan Carey and George Carey with a 9.12 LB bag.

2nd place, the team of Tremayne Nauss and Jerome Croft with 8.95 LBS.

3rd place, the team of Howard Martell and Pierre Dussault with 6.37 LBS

4th went to the team of Mike LaPierre and Gerry LaPierre with 6.34 LBS

5th was Kevin Veinotte and Tyler Veinotte with 6.05 LBS (lunker broke tie)

6th place went to Collins Sawler and Jonathan Sawler with 6.05 LBS

7th place, Randall Leard and Peter Bennett with 5.83 LBS

8th place, Scott West and Greg Bezanson with 5.80 LBS

9th place was Philip Atwell and Allan Russell with 5.78 LBS

10 place went to Kevin Corkum and Bill Corkum with 5.70 LBS

The 2009 Club of The Year went to the team competing for AVBC with a total weight of 22.88 LBS.

Winning the lunker pool was the team of Tremayne Nauss and Jerome Croft with a 2.26 Lb bass.

Congratulations to all of our competing anglers!

Qualifying alone is an honor so regardless of the bag of fish or placing we were all proud to be at the NSBCC.

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