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NSBCC Nova Scotia Bass Clubs Challenge

Brought to you by the First Cast Radio Show and of course our 2004 tournament sponsors, the NSBCC enjoyed success it's very first time out on the water. The purpose of bringing together the best of the best in friendly competition for a one day Top Gun shoot-out was a resounding success!

We wish to acknowledge and promote our tournament sponsors this year, without them we could not have pulled this off nor enjoyed the level of success that we did.

Our three title level sponsors were:

Shimano Canada, provider of the best fishing reels, rods and accessories. A huge thank you to Shimano for their ongoing support and efforts towards making the NSBCC the best it can be.

The First Cast Radio Show, hosts of the tournament.

Annapolis Valley Bass Club, serving the Valley region of Nova Scotia for over 10 years. AVBC provided the extra funds to purchase the twenty trophies awarded to the top 10 teams.

Our other sponsors are every bit as important and are as follows:

Strictly Fish N Tackle Shop

A big thank you to Lillian and Ken Sampson, owners of Yarmouth's best stop for tackle / fishing gear.

Pleasantville Signs

Rob Sarty played a big role in helping this event work this year, through signage or the fantastic hats awarded to all anglers he helped us a lot.

R. Meisner Construction

Thanks to all the crews up there and Tremayne Nauss for obtaining support from this renowned construction company.

Once again, thanks to all of our sponsors! This event would not have worked without them so I ask you to please return the favour and call upon them and their services as often as you can, it is the least we can do.

Onto the event.

Big Mushamush Lake, Wallace Lake and Pernette Lake were all candidates for the NSBCC stop in 2004, winning by random draw was Big Mushamush so on October the 10th thirty teams, representing Nova Scotia's five major trails, converged to angle in this prestigious event.

Up first, the 30 teams who qualified to be a part of this event through their respective clubs, in no particular order.

Team Member # 1

Team Member # 2

Club Represented

James Philippe

Steve Watson


Reg Kendrick

Angela Kendrick


Roland Brannen

Rhonda Brannen


Mark Weare

Millage Weare


Raymond Alexander

Maynard Mansfield


Randy Deschamps

Howard Martell


Jerome Croft

Dennis Lavender


Clark Delong

Norman Wentzell


Joey Feener

Darren Whalen


Cody Lohnes

Andrew Barss


Larry Woodworth

George Newcombe


Rob Sarty

Bill Sarty


Eddie Halfyard

Ed Halfyard (Sr)


George Watkins

Steve Watkins


Chris Gaul

Len Goodall


Rod Goodwin

Gerald Grey


Kevin Veinotte

Tyler Veinotte


Tremayne Nauss

Colin Fowler


Mike Young

Monty Goreham


Philip Attwell

Charlie Gee


Scott Nickerson

Joey Nickerson


Leigh Weare

Jamie Campbell


Joe Bezanson

Robert Canavan


Darren Hatt

Vincent Connolly


Don Gillespie

Roy Harris


Johnathan Sawler

Collins Sawler


Terry Arnold

Wayne Rolfe


Kirk Keddy

David Keddy


Kevin Corkum

Bill Corkum


Gary Josey

Wayne Josey


What was up for grabs?

The main reason teams were here was to lay claim to the crown of NSBCC Top Gun Champions, to receive this honor by competing with their counterparts from other various trails in Nova Scotia and winning the tournament. Additionally a surprise category was added at the last minute before the event took place, club of the year. This award was designed to further grow the team work needed from various clubs and will be awarded annually to the clubs roster that brings in the highest combined weight total. Since we had uneven club numbers this first year, the teams were chosen by consensus vote in the morning before blast-off. We had three pre-selected teams competing for each of the five clubs attending.

Additionally there was $1500.00 cash prizes available to the top five teams, every single competitor received a one of a kind NSBCC qualifier hat and trophies were available down to 10th place. The winning team also won a pair of custom embroidered jackets from the NSBCC and both that winning team and the winning club received custom built hardwood annual award plaques identifying them as the 2004 winners.

The tournament.

The fishing was very unpredictable as should be expected for a mid October tournament. Big Mushamush Lake which is renowned locally for it's huge weights was not shining in full force this day but as always, someone somewhere caught the fish and as always there was a winner. Here are the Top Ten teams, their weights and pictures when they received their awards.

NSBCC Results and pictures from October 10th, 2004 Big Mushamush Lake

With a winning weight of 7.39 lbs, Don Gillespie and Roy Harris, our 2004 Top Gun Champions!

Taking 2nd with a weight of 5.61 lbs was the team of Cody Lohnes and Andrew Barss

Taking 3rd place with 4.73 lbs was Larry Woodworth and George Newcombe.

In 4th place was Mike Young and Monty Goreham with 4.63 lbs.

Finishing 5th was George and Steve Watkins with 3.23 lbs.

Taking 6th with 3.12 lbs was the team of Colin Fowler (not shown) and Tremayne Nauss..

Holding down 7th was the team of Kevin Corkum and Bill Corkum with 3.03 lbs.

Finishing 8th was Mark Weare and Millage Weare with a weight of 3.01 lbs.

Taking 9th was the team of Scott Nickerson and Joey Nickerson with 2.82 lbs.

Holding onto 10th place was the team of Roland and Rhonda Brannen with a weight of 2.78 lbs.

Our winning club with the highest combined weight total was Lakeside Smallmouth Bass Club. Congratulations to the Club of The Year winners

Our lunker of the tournament was this 2.79 LB smallmouth bass caught by the team of Larry Woodworth and George Newcombe.

Congratulations to all of our competing anglers!

Qualifying alone is an honor so regardless of the bag of fish or placing we were all proud to bet at the NSBCC, hence the special qualifier hats awarded to each and every participant.

Here are the remaining teams and weights:


Terry Arnold / Wayne Rolfe

2.75 lbs


Joey Feener / Darren Whalen

2.43 lbs


Rob Sarty / Bill Sarty

2.25 lbs


James Philippe / Steve Watson

2.17 lbs


Rod Goodwin / Gerald Grey

2.06 lbs


Raymond Alexander / Maynard Mansfield

2.02 lbs


Jerome Croft / Dennis Lavender

1.75 lbs


Reg Kendrick / Angela Kendrick

1.46 lbs


Philip Attwell / Charlie Gee

1.38 lbs


Kevin Veinotte / Tyler Veinotte

1.31 lbs


Wayne Josey / Gary Josey

0.46 lbs


Randy Deschamps / Howard Martell


Clark Delong / Norman Wentzell


Eddie Halfyard / Ed Halfyard (Sr)


Chris Gaul / Len Goodall


Leigh Weare / Jamie Campbell


Joe Bezanson / Robert Canavan


Darren Hatt / Vincent Connolly


Johnathan Sawler / Collins Sawler


Kirk Keddy / Dave Keddy

A small note from tournament co-organizer Mark Weare on behalf of the NSBCC. Though we will work even more over the winter of 2004 / 2005 to make the 2005 NSBCC more fun yet we really wanted to extend a big thanks to all the participants who came out and made this work, your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. We are proud of how this went and think highly of the potential this format contains.

A special thanks to Jamie Gunton from the Valley for his extra effort. Though not competing in the event Jamie showed up and helped us a lot, he called out our numbers in the morning so all anglers could have a quick blast-off. Jamie also took a few pictures and assisted in the set-up / take down of the site.

A huge thank you to the fine people of the Annapolis Valley bass Club who also showed up at the end of the tournament to stage a barbecue where they sold all competitors hot dogs and cold pop. An excellent gesture and they furthermore donated all proceeds back to the tournament to help fray expenses. Thanks guys and gals, you are great people!

From the first time I called co-organizer Tremayne Nauss with the idea of holding such an event as the NSBCC I knew we were onto a good thing! Tremayne assisted heavily in the beginning stages by helping to formulate the idea and getting it out to the other clubs, as well he helped by obtaining a good sponsor for the event and the running of the weigh-in station / duties. A big thank you for his help in these capacities, it was truly appreciated! A great partner to have in activities such as these.

Thanks everyone, we are already looking forward to the NSBCC in 2005! Hope to see you there.

Mark Weare

First Cast Radio Show.

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