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During the tournament season of 2004 the host of the First Cast Radio Show, Mark Weare and former co-host Tremayne Nauss identified a need to grow the participation levels of tournament anglers in Nova Scotia angling events. Their solution was the Nova Scotia Bass Clubs Challenge. It is safe to say that the idea has been a huge success. Mark and Tremayne note that the NSBCC grows more popular each year and sees it growing even more in importance.

Nova Scotia in itself presents a unique situation for bass tournament fishing and tournament anglers alike. Nova Scotia has long been very organized with several major groups tracing their club time-lines back to the late eighties. As a result these clubs have grown strong in their respective regions and have been very active on many fronts including of course, quality bass tournaments. They also actively engage in projects such as building boat launches on known bass fisheries, aiding the government bodies in establishing management practices to benefit bass and providing valuable volunteer collaborations with the same government bodies that regulate our fisheries.

The ethics and dedication of Nova Scotia bass clubs is second to none but even so, when coupled with our lower population the ability to run anything beyond the current levels of major regional clubs /tournament trails is hindered. The Nova Scotia angler is on par with anybody else out there but you will not soon watch a national broadcast of a Nova Scotia tournament.

Even with the strong dedication of members and the many active plans by clubs to grow more, the level of tournament participation in 2004 did indeed seem to be going somewhat stale. The NSBCC was founded to give the provincial angler another notch to shoot for and also a means to expose anglers to not only other regions of Nova Scotia but to the clubs that had their base memberships there with the ultimate goal being more participation province wide. The concept has from day one been simple and remains unchanged today. A brief overview:

1. The major clubs in Nova Scotia were identified as CASA (Canadian Association of Smallmouth Anglers), NOVA Bassmasters, Annapolis Valley Bass Club; South Shore Bassmasters and the Lakeside Smallmouth Bass Club.

2. The Top five teams from each trail after their regular competition year were invited to the NSBCC. As well each club was allowed to send one wild-card team to create a full field of thirty teams and to keep all members interested in their series throughout the year.

3. Each year the event would move from one region to the next traveling completely around Nova Scotia every four years.

4. Team's fish in a one day shoot-out to be crowned the NSBCC Top Gun Champions, Quite an achievement when you consider that only the best of the best are there representing each club.

5. All teams from each club also compete as a club unit, the group whose total weight for all teams is the highest also wins the coveted Club of the Year award as presented by the NSBCC. This offers a very interesting tournament dynamic, not only are you competing to win the Top Gun title individually as a team but all the teams from each club are in it together to win the Club Of The Year as well.

In the years since we have opened the event up to the top teams as well as others from the clubs. The Top Teams though still compete only for the 'Club of The Year' award.

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